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GPS Officers at the Department of History and Cultural Studies

If you have any questions please contact your respective GPS-Advisor. Please note that this list only comprises the subject-specific additional qualifications. For the other skill-areas (foreign languages, IT, etc.) please contact the corresponding advisors.

Degree programme
Ancient Studies Enrico Lehnhardt
Arabic Studies Ruben Schenzle
Chinese Studies Heike Frick, Lena Wesemann
History Maximilian Schuh, Alexander Schunka, Joseph Ben Prestel (Deputy)
Iranian Studies Farifteh Tavakoli
Islamic Studies Olly Akkerman
Japanese Studies Erik Isaksson
Jewish Studies Klaus Herrmann
Classical Archaeology Burkhard Emme
Korean Studies Vincent Kreusel
Art History Christine Beese, Britta Dümpelmann, André Rottmann
East Asian Art History Ruri Kawanami
Semitic Studies N.N.
Turkology N.N.

Coordination, advising and information : Office of Academic Affairs