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Bachelor Programs at the Department of History and Cultural Studies

With the start of the 2004/2005 winter semester, the Department of History and Cultural Studies also introduced new academic programs qualifying for a Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) degree.

At the start of your studies:

Preparation of your studies

The following material will help you in the preparation of your studies: the list of course programs will help you get an overview of your chosen program and the introduction video to Campus Management will aid you in signing up for your first class.

First Steps!

Mentors are there for you with great advice. The many new impressions can be started and discussed with them to ease your start.

Organizing your studies


Be it questions about graduation, anxiety about presentations or troubles with writer's block -- no matter the issue, students can always turn to the tutors in the department.

General Professional Skills

The General Professional Skills, or GPS, are comprised of a required internship and 6 competency areas. In total, these are worth 30 credit points.

Affine Area of Studies

Affine areas or affine modules are part of a single-subject BA program. Generally, this area should relate content-wise to the core subject of study and should supplement your study program. It is a matter of interdisciplinary study, which will give students a broader and more coherent qualification.

Transfer Credits

The transfer of already completed credits and test performances can be of interest if: you wish to transfer credits from a different university or study program or if you wish to switch to new study regulations.

Change of Regulations

If a new study- and test-regulation has been issued for your study program, it is recommended to switch to the new regulation.

Degree completion

Transcript of Records

For the transfer to another university, a transcript of records in necessary. It can also be helpful to gain an overview of how much of your degree you have completed and which credits are still missing.