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Nachrichten der Institute & Seminare

New Spotlight: Database and Dictionary of Greek Loanwords in Coptic (DDGLC)

The DDGLC project is hosted by the Egyptological Seminar at the Free University of Berlin (Freie Universität Berlin) and funded by the Deutsche Forschungs­gemeinschaft as a long-term project with a projected lifespan ranging through 2024.

15.01.2021 | Digital Humanities

Vortrag Prof. Dr. Thomas Gilbert

Einladung zum Online-Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Thomas Gilbert (Universität Kopenhagen) zum Thema "Prospects and Pitfalls of De-Extinction" am Donnerstag, 14.1., um 18 h s.t.

12.01.2021 | Institut für Prähistorische Archäologie

New publication by Ro Hak Hui (KISU) with a preface by Vladimir Glomb (FUB)

An example of our academic cooperation between Kim Il-sung University - Freie Universität Berlin - Seoul National University:Ro Hak Hui's (Historian at KISU) article "Materials in Translation - Tonghak: A Progressive Ideological Heritage Indigenous to the Chosōn Nation" with a preface by Vladimir Glomb (FUB) published in the Seoul Journal of Korean Studies 33, No. 2 (Dec 2020): 545-567

11.01.2021 | Koreastudien

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