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European Research Council (ERC)

ERC Advanced Grants

ZODIAC - Ancient Astral Science in Transformation

PD Dr. Dr. M. Ossendrijver – Institut für Wissensgeschichte des Altertums

Laufzeit: 2021 – 2026


AnonymClassic – The Arabic Anonymous in a World Classic

Prof. Dr. Beatrice Gründler – Seminar für Semistik und Arabistik

Laufzeit: 2018 – 2022

Fragments of Cuneiform Medicine in the Babylonian Talmud: Knowledge Transfer in Late Antiquity (BabMed)

Prof. Dr. Markham J. Geller – Professur für Wissensgeschichte

Laufzeit: 2013 – 2018

Rediscovering Theological Rationalism in the Medieval World of Islam (RATIONALISM)

Prof. Dr. Sabine Schmidtke – Institut für Islamwissenschaft

Laufzeit: 2008 – 2013


ERC Consolidator Grants

„ Law without Mercy: Japanese Courts-Martial and Military Courts During the Asia-Pacific War, 1937–1945”

Prof. Dr. Urs Matthias Zachmann

Laufzeit: 2019 – 2024


ERC Starting Grants

„Governing with Data: Local Experimentation in Authoritarian China (Daten-basiertes Regieren: Lokale Experimente im autoritären China)“

Prof. Dr. Genia Kostka – Seminar für Sinologie/China-Studien

Laufzeit: 2020 – 2025


Country of Words: Reading and Reception of Palestinian Literature from 1948 to the Present (PalREAD)

Dr. Refqa Abu-Remaileh – Seminar für Arabistik

Laufzeit: 2018 – 2023

Emotional Machines: The Technological Transformation of Intimacy in Japan (EMTECH)

Prof. Dr. Elena Giannoulis – Institut für Japanologie

Laufzeit: 2017 – 2022   

ERC Proof of Concept

Weaving the humanities into the web and the web into the humanities. Preserving the cultural heritage of Yemen by creating a universally accessible virtual library of manuscripts (HUMANWEB)

Prof. Dr. Sabine Schmidtke – Institut für Islamwissenschaft 

Laufzeit: 2013 – 2014

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