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Weitere Beratungsthemen

BAföG Advise

The certificate necessary according to § 48 BAföG (form 5) is issued by the BAföG (Federal Education and Training Assistance Act) officer at the Department of History and Cultural Studies, Dr. Rainer Kampling or his deputies Prof. Dr. theol. Martina Bär.

Further information can be found here.

Hinweis: Für die Sprechstunde ist es hilfreich, sich einen Ausdruck aus dem Campus-Management, auf dem die bisher erreichten Leistungspunkte angegeben sind, mitzubringen. Es sollten mehr als 50% der für den Abschluss des Studienganges notwendigen LP erreicht sein.

GPS Advice

Any questions concerning the General Practical Skills can be directed at our GPS-coordinator Jochen Schulze or your institute's GPS officials.

Advice on Assessment and Credit Tramsfer

Assessments and transfer of credits for various study programs at the department are not carried out by the Examination Office, but instead are completed by the respective study program's officials and finally by the Bachelor's/Master's examining board. Please read more about the transfer of credits here.

Further Consulting Service for Students

It is possible to consult individual teachers during their regular office hours with specialized course-related questions. Certain institutes offer academic advising with reference to the respective study programs and have office hours as well.

For general questions concerning applications, enrollment, the organization of your studies and more, you may contact the Info Service as well as the Center for Academic Advising and Psychological Counseling at the Freie Universität

Ombudspersons for Good Scientific Practice

Univ.-Prof. a. D. Dr. Barbara Kellner-Heinkele, Deputy: Prof. Dr Werner Busch