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The first steps are the easiest – Mentoring for a successful start at university



Sign up for Mentoring: Registration for Mentoring usually takes place during the orientation week—at the enrollment celebration and during the introductory seminar. In case this is not possible, please send a short email with name and field of study to mentoring@geschkult.fu-berlin.de.

Finally studying at university! But how do I quickly settle in? What do I have look out for? And how do I meet other people? It’s simple: at Mentoring! As a mentee you will have experienced students at your side who can answer all your questions concerning your start at university and your studies.

Mentoring groups consist of 10 to 15 beginning students from the same field of study. They meet with experienced students (Mentors) 5 times per semester to talk about topics and issues concerning university life.

Mentoring not only makes your first semester easier and more successful, it also allows you to meet classmates and network in a relaxed atmosphere.

In the following three steps, you can read about what exactly mentoring is:


During mentoring, experienced students (Mentors) from your same field of study will share their knowledge and organizational tips, orientation advice. They will always have an open ear and will ensure that you will have some insider information.

Settle in

At regular meetings in small groups you will have the chance to talk and network. Additionally you will benefit on multiple levels: subject-specific information about adequate studying methods and time management, essay-writing tips and presentation advice—your studies will be a success from day one.


Get ahead

And then? Just get off to a relaxed and successful start! Your mentors will also provide tips about internships, study abroad programs, exam preparation.

Mentoring is a service free of charge.


Address Fabeckstr. 23-25
Room 1.0004
14195 Berlin
Contact person

Dr. Vibeke Goldbeck

Phone +49 30 838-56246
Email mentoring@geschkult.fu-berlin.de