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Overview of Transcripts and completion certificates

Performance Overview in German (i.e. for applications)

The Examination Office can issue you a performance overview, which is generated from Campus Management, upon request. You can request this through email, mail or in person during our office hours. You can also print them out yourself - in many cases this is already sufficient.

Transcript of Records in German (upon graduation)

Since 01.01.2020, the Examination Office automatically issues the (German) Transcript of Records generated from Campus Management for the completion of your studies with the other graduation documents.

A prerequisite for a transcript of records is a registration to graduate and the corresponding completing of all open modules in Campus Management. Credits, which were given by recognition, will be added by the Examination Office.

International students in German or in German/English

For international students in German or German/English

You can always generate a German performance overviews yourself using Campus Management or you can apply for it at the Examination Office.

For English performance overviews

Incomings: If you have come to the FU as a part of an ERASMUS+ or a direct exchange program, please turn to the general international site of the FU. If you have come to the FU through a different program, for example through a specific department, please turn to your exchange advisor. At the visit with your advisor please bring a performance overview (including documentation of those credits not documented in CM). Together you will compile a German/English transcript. Please use the template below for this purpose.

Outgoings: After you have received the confirmation for your stay abroad, you can request an English performance overview from the examination office. Please send an e-mail including the following information:

  • Name, matriculation number
  • Name of your degree program (if BA & MA at FU: specify whether translation should be done for BA, MA or both).
  • Name & country of the host university
  • Proof of acceptance/nomination (attach relevant correspondance by e-mail)
  • Date by which the translation is required*

* Please expect a processing time of approx. 4 weeks and therefore be sure to apply in time!

The follow forms should be used by exchange students:

Transcript form (German/English)