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Transfer of Credits for Bachelor and Master Programs

General Information:

The transfer of study or examination credits that you have already gained may be of interest if:

  • you have already enrolled at Freie Universiät and wish to include any credits gained at other universities or in other courses
  • you wish to change from the old to the new program regulations within the same academic program
  • you wish to include study or examination credits gained at other universities in order to apply for a higher semester at Freie Universität.


To transfer study credits, please contact the respective officer of the academic program/module concerned, who will forward a recommendation to the board of examiners for the transfer of the study credits obtained. The board of examiners will decide on the transfer on the basis of this recommendation. The Examination Office will then send you the final decision via mail.

Please bring the template for transfer, as well as fully completed and signed major course assessment (in form of a module certificate or an exam- and/or attendance certificate) to the consultation.

Please have credits that do not relate to the main subject and have been obtained in another subject, transferred by the respective subject adviser. This applies, for example, for modern foreign languages transferred through the language centre.                                                                                    


If you wish to apply for a higher subject semester, information on the application procedure can be found here

If, on the basis of your study credits that are already obtained, you are unable to assess for yourself which subject semester is appropriate for you, the officers of the academic program/module concerned will help you with this.

Should you be offered a place on a higher semester on the basis of your application, you will initially be registered subject to reservation. In order to lift this reservation, you must have a written grading issued by the officer of the academic program/module concerned. Please make sure the Registration Office receives a copy of this grading, as it is neccessary to lift the reservation and enables your enrollment without reservation. We recommend applying for the written grading prior to receiving your admission notice. Please regard the office hours of the respective officers.

Transfers of examination credits may be carried out in the course of the semester, after registration (see Transfer). These transfers are forwarded to the person in charge at the Examination Office. The Examination Board will decide about the transfer application and the Examination Office will subsequently inform you of the decision via mail.

Please observe the application deadlines for the academic programmes.