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Kalīla and Dimna – AnonymClassic / Arabic Literature Cosmopolitan

10 years of research on Kalīla and Dimna: AnonymClassic (ERC Advanced Grant, 2018-2023) and Arabic Literature Cosmopolitan (ALC, funded via DFG Leibniz Prize 2020-2027) jointly are the first-ever comprehensive study of Kalīla and Dimna. This book of wisdom in fable form is a central text of premodern world literature with a spread easily comparable to that of the Gospel. Over the centuries, Kalīla and Dimna was not only translated and copied but perpetually rewritten and rearranged, so that today we are faced with tradition constisting of innumerable versions. The multifaceted transmission involving over forty languages is being systematically studied at Freie Universität Berlin: the research team led by Beatrice Gruendler and Isabel Toral is developing a synoptic edition to analyze the fluid text corpus of Kalīla and Dimna.


The AnonymClassic project receives funding from the European Research
Council under the European Union’s Horizon2020 programme; project ID: 742635

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