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Interdisciplinary Studies of the Middle East (ISME) is a two-year, tuition-free, full-time master’s program taught in English on the campus in Berlin.

Freie Universität's expertise in cultural studies of the Middle East – represented by Arabic Studies, Iranian Studies, Islamic Studies, Jewish Studies, Kurdish Studies, Ottoman Studies, Semitic Studies, and Turcology – comes together for this master's program to offer students the possibility to approach this fascinating and complex region from a multi-perspective and interregional perspective taking into account the diversity of languages, literatures, societies, religions, and cultures of this region.

As a consecutive program, it builds on knowledge about the Middle East and skills from the field of humanities and cultural studies that have been acquired in the course of a bachelor program or through professional qualification. 

Is our program right for you?

Are you curious about cultures of the Middle East?

Are you eager to explore new areas of interest and  to study independently?

Can you prove excellent English language skills (level C1 CEFR or equivalent)?

Do you hold a bachelor's degree with at least 60 ECTS in ISME-realted courses?

Are you proficient in at least one of the following program-related languages: Arabic, Armenian, Hebrew, Kurdish, Ottoman, Persian, Syriac-Aramaic, or Turkish (level B1 CEFR or equivalent)?

Then our master's program Interdisciplinary Studies of the Middle East may be of interest to you. 


The next period of application will start in April 2023 with deadline May 31 for a start of studies winter 2023/2024. We will start to pre-assess documents again by February 2023.


Direct all your inquiries to the program's academic advisors Lukas Muehlethaler and Victoria Mummelthei via isme@geschkult.fu-berlin.de

Please note: We will not answer ISME-related mails sent to us to our personal mail addresses.

MA Interdisciplinary Studies of the Middle East
Department of History and Cultural Studies
Fabeckstraße 23/25
14195 Berlin

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