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SCRIPTS Lecture: Jodie Sun: Brotherly Strangers: Kenya’s & Zambia’s Relations with China 1949-2019

07.02.2024 | 17:00

Africa has become a major platform from which to analyse and understand China's growing influence in the global South. Yet, the impact of their historical relationship has been largely overlooked. Through the triangulation of the global Cold War, African history, and Chinese history, this study provides a detailed analysis of China-Africa relations in the second half of the 20th century. Examining the encounters, conflicts, and dynamics of China-Kenya/Zambia relations from the 1950s until the present, as well as the basis on which historical narratives have been constructed, the book presents two contrasting state perspectives underlining the concept of 'African agency'.

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07.02.2024 | 17:00

Edwin-Redslob-Str. 29
14195 Berlin

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