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If it is not possible to edit a document in your web browser, please save it to your PC and open it in your PDF-reader. There you will be able to fill it out.

Application for Master's thesis and oral examination (if applicable)
Application to graduate Master's degree

Please send the thesis registration form with all signatures directly by e-mail (FU e-mail address) to the examination office. To verify the signatures of the evaluators/examiners, please put them in the CC of the e-mail. 

Registration for modules, courses and examinations
De-registration for modules, courses and examinations
Module Certificate of the inter- and transdisciplinary area (are to be used for this only)
Transfer Certificate (for Master's officers)
Declaration of Academic Independence (written module examinations, such as termpaper)
Declaration of Academic Independence (last page of MA thesis)

Erasmus Certificate of Participation

Please note the latest information on registering for courses/modules in SoSe 2021.