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Quality Assurance

Our Goal

The essential purpose of this area is to ensure and improve the quality in the fields of academics and teaching. Therefore the term “quality” needs to be specified. From the point of view of the students, teachers and faculty staff what does good quality mean?

Participants and Methods

Evaluations, discussions, process documentations and other methods of quality assurance are regularly implemented in a systematic process of communication involving participants from different status groups at the Department of History and Cultural Studies and subsequently discussed in internal as well as external quality assurance circles.


Accreditations help universities assess, evaluate and secure quality standards in Academics and Teaching.

Expert Discussions

Improving Together!

We are happy to receive your feedback to accomplish the quality in the fields of academics and teaching at our department as participatory and transparent as possible.

Contact Information


Fabeckstraße 23-25

Room 1.0008

14195 Berlin

Contact Person Dr. Sabine Boomers
Telephone +49 30 838 53876
E-Mail qualitaetssicherung@geschkult.fu-berlin.de

Marko Eidens