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5. Juli 2024, Talk: Reviel Netz (Stanford University), "Scale, Space and Canon in Ancient Literary Culture", Theory Network

News vom 18.06.2024

In his talk „Scale, Space and Canon in Ancient Literary Culture“ Reviel Netz discusses his book from 2020. What was the structure of the ancient literary canon, and what were the consequences of this structure for the longue durée of ancient cultural history? This history is punctuated, it is argued, by several key transitions: the rise (3rd century BCE) and fall (1st century BCE) of a spatial structure organized around the two poles of Athens and Alexandria; the collapse in scale of literary culture in the 3rd century CE. What changes and what remains stable through those transitions?

Time: July 5, 2024, 10 a.m.

Venue: Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Gebäude: Staatsbibliothek unter den Linden, Unter den Linden 8, 10117 Berlin, Room 07W04

Zoom: https://hu-berlin.zoom-x.de/j/63982797723?pwd=dlRMTWxTYTcwTFFWZzdCZ3lzY2tRdz09
Meeting-ID: 639 8279 7723
Password: 222886

Contact: sekretariat@berliner-antike-kolleg.org


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