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Will I receive a certificate or diploma after completing the doctoral program?

A transcript of records will be issued to you upon completion of the curriculum in your doctoral program, provided you can show all supporting documents. This transcript of records is especially useful for future applications. In addition, after passing the Disputatio, you will also receive a certificate, which most graduate schools present to their alumni at a ceremonial event. After passing the Disputation, you will receive an interim certificate from the PhD office, containing the title of the dissertation, the individual grades of the dissertation and Disputation as well as the overall grade. This interim certificate does not authorise you to use the doctor title. After the official completion of the doctoral process (after the publication and submission obligations), you will receive the doctoral certificate from the PhD office. On it you will find the title you hold, e.g. PhD or Dr. phil., Dr. theol. .... Please note that at the FU Berlin it is not permitted to use the title "Dr. des.”