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Master Programmes at the Department of History and Cultural Studies

The planning and development of Master programmes is largly finished. For the Department of History and Cultural Studies, Freie Universität Berlin has set up two-year master programmes both based on further study and based on research.

In the state of Berlin, graduates of bachelor programmes with an appropriate degree may also apply for a one or two-year master programme for the degree of Master of Education.

The current range of master programmes of our department, further information and details, as well as the respective study and examination regulations can be found on our website. Freie Universität Berlin also offers an overview of all Master programmes.

Please also find out about the application guidelines for the master’s degree.

With immediate effect, subject to the start of the study and examination regulations associated with the publication in the FU newsletter (gazette of Freie Universität Berlin) and the allocation regulations for these courses, please refer to the central website for information regarding application deadlines. This does not apply for teaching post related courses or the Master programmes in Korean Studies and Judaism in a Historical Context.

More information is available on the FU Info-Service.

If no Bachelor’s degree certificate is available yet, you can apply with the “two-thirds certificate” from the Examination Office. More about this and more detailed requirements are set by the allocation regulations for the respective Master programme.

Students of Mono-Bachelor programmes, please note that you can apply only with the “two-thirds certificate” as the affine modules are not listed in the “transcript of records”.

As required, please observe the instructions for the transfer of credits already obtained.

Students wishing to complete their oral examination after the Bachelor’s dissertation are recommended to submit the topics in good time so they can be confirmed on time.

Inter- and Transdisciplinary and Complementary or Affine Areas of Study

This area of study complements your chosen subject via interdisciplinary content (modules) which impart an expanded yet coherent qualificatory profile. For more information on this area please continue reading here.

Final Degree

The instructions on these pages should ease the way through the Master’s thesis – particularly in terms of formal aspects. What you will not find here is how to prepare and write a scientific paper. The instructions are not obligatory and are no substitute for reading the examination regulations.

As further aid, you can print checklists for yourself. These should make it easier for you to maintain an overview of credits achieved and are adapted to suit the subjects and associated plans of the progress of your studies.

The following Master's degree programs at the Department of History and Cultural Studies offer guidlines (in German) for the completion of the program. They are designed to help simplify the organization of the final phase of your studies: