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January 17, 2023: Introductory course on public engagement for doctoral students in ancient studies, master’s students and postdocs, Berliner Antike-Kolleg/ Berlin School of Public Engagement and Open Science

News vom 20.12.2022

The Berliner Antike-Kolleg organizes an introductory course on public engagement in cooperation with the Berlin School of Public Engagement and Open Science. The course is aimed in particular at doctoral students in ancient studies, but is also open to master's students and postdocs.


Public Engagement with Research opens up dialogue with different stakeholders and brings benefits to both the researcher and the public. In this 3h interactive workshop you will discover different ways how Public Engagement can work for your research as part of your PhD and beyond. Together we explore the principles of and motivations for engagement, with a wide range of examples and case studies. We will then take a practical dive into the building blocks of good Public Engagement, with a focus on who we connect with, why and how: our target groups, purpose and formats. At the end, you will have a clear understanding of how Public Engagement can benefit you and your research, and you will have the tools to start developing your own engagement pathway.

Time: 17. Januar 2023, 13-16 Uhr,

Venue: Humboldt-Graduate School, Luisenstr. 56, 10115 Berlin, Raum 220

Sprache: Englisch

Bitte melden Sie sich bis zum 9. Januar 2023 bei Friederike Herklotz an: friederike.herklotz@berliner-antike-kolleg.org

Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos.

Bitte beantworten Sie bei der Anmeldung auch die folgenden Fragen. Diese helfen den Kursleiter:innen bei der Vorbereitung.

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