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12-month Postdoctoral Fellowship position (stipend) starting September 1, 2024, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science

News vom 13.03.2024

The Max Planck Research Group "Astral Science in Trans-Regional Asia" (ASTRA, https://www.mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de/research/departments/max-planck-research-group-astra) at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG) in Berlin invites applications for a 12-month Postdoctoral Fellowship position (stipend) starting September 1, 2024 (preferred).

ASTRA studies the transmission, translocation, and transcreation of astral knowledge in Asia. The researchers in this group use philological, mathematical and sociohistorical methods to explore this rich intellectual tradition.

Early-career scholars with a strong research background in the history of astral sciences, particularly in Southeast or Central Asia are encouraged to apply. Applications are also welcome from researchers with expertise in other geographical areas, provided their work aligns with ASTRA's core interests.


QUESTIONS: Contact Univ.-Prof. Dr Anuj Misra (amisra@mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de).

ASTRA encourages applications from highly motivated young scholars passionate about exploring the history of astral sciences in Asia.




Anuj MISRA, Ph.D (he/him)

Senior Research Scholar (January─March 2024)
Dept. III Artifacts, Action, Knowledge,

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science,

Boltzmannstraße 22,

14195, Berlin,



Room B16, R.002

+49 (0) 30 200549 405

4 / 81
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