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TALK "Sūrat al-ʾiḫlāṣ, sūrat al-fātiha or ʾāyat al-kursī – Which One Has Precedence on Early Islamic Amulets?“ Stefan Heidemann, Univ. Hamburg

11.12.2023 | 16:30

"Collegium Coranicum“ lecture, Staatsbibliothek Unter den Linden

Please see here for details: https://corpuscoranicum.de/en/about/collegiumcoranicum

Prof. Heidemann's presentation is in the Academy building Unter den Linden 8 (State Library) in room 07W04 (2nd floor).


The project offers systematic access to early Qur'anic manuscripts with images and transliterated text. In parallel, a catalogue of variant readings included in the works of the Islamic scholarly tradition is produced. Based on textual history, the project creates a chronological commentary using methods of literary studies and refering to relevant texts from Antiquity and Late Antiquity. These source texts are accessible in the database "Texts from the World of the Qur'an"... read on at the project's homepage.

Zeit & Ort

11.12.2023 | 16:30

Academy building
Unter den Linden 8 (Staatsbibliothek)
Room 07W04 (2nd floor)