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Museum Islands - Ausstellung und Abschlusskonferenz

Museum Islands

Vom Imperialmuseum zum Kommunikationszentrum? / From Imperial Museum to Communication Center?

Conference: From Imperial Museum to Communication Center?
24 - 26 September, 2009
Location: Ethnological Museum, National Museums in Berlin
Registration: by 15.09.2009, Daniela Weber, museum-islands@gmx.de

Vernissage: Museum Islands
Wednesday, 23 September, 2009
18:00 (with reception)
Location: Ethnological Museum
National Museums Berlin

Konferenz: Vom Imperialmuseum zum kommunikationszentrum?
24 - 26 September 2009
Ort: Ethnologisches Musem, Staatliche Museen Berlin
Anmeldung: bis 15.09.2009, Daniela Weber, museum-islands@gmx.de

Vernissage: Museum Islands
Mittwoch, 23 September 2009
18:00 Uhr (Empfang)
Location:  Ethnologisches Musem,
Staatliche Museen Berlin


museum islandsAre museums symbols of cultural dominance or spaces of social inclusion? The research project “From Imperial Museum to Communication Centre? The New Role of Museums as Mediators between Science and Non-Western Societies” investigates Non-European alternative museum concepts. Marginalized groups demand today a substantial part in the representation and interpretation of their own cultural heritage. Their demand is joined by their criticism ofWestern forms of scholarship, collecting practices and strategies of mediation. The results of the project will be discussed with scientists and museum professionals from all over the world during the conference. Lidia Guzy (India), Rainer Hatoum (North America) and Susan Kamel (Egypt). chose three museums as a model for global and national trends: the Museum of Mankind in Bhopal, the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C., and the Nubia Museum in Aswan. The Art-and-Science-Encounter exhibition “Museum Islands” will display photographs by the artist Patrik Metzger, who also visited these museums. They are brought into dialogue with texts by the scholars.

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