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The courses offered at the Institute for Prehistoric Archaeology are organised in modules. One module consists of two different types of courses. The content of the courses are coordinated. Accordingly, both parts have to be attended in order to complete the module. However, since some of the more extensive modules have lectures covering more than one term, exchange students are permitted to attend a single course of a module independently.


The most common forms of modules:


-    one lecture (min.) connected to one seminar

-    one seminar (min.) connected to one colloquium


Students need to register for seminars. No registration is needed for lectures.


Additional types of courses:

Practical work groups | Tutorials | Field and laboratory courses


The current course schedule is available on the Department's homepage (http://www.geschkult.fu-berlin.de/e/praehist), filed under “Studium, Lehrveranstaltungen”. The winter term's schedule is published in September, the summer term's schedule is published in March.

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