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ECTS and ToR


The ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) is the bridge between the various European academic systems. Each individual type of course is given a certain amount of credits. These are used as a measuring tool, grading the effort and work hours an average student needs to successfully complete the course or module. This includes the required time of attendance, the time needed for independently preparing and reviewing course material, the time needed for the preparation of an exam, and the exam itself.


ECTS-credits are awarded only when a student successfully passes the exam (term paper) in a course. An exam needs to be completed with a grade "satisfactory" or higher.


One ECTS-credit equals 25 to 30 work hours required from students. Generally, 60 credits can be achieved within one academic year, one semester allows for the achievement of 30 credits.


Zeugnis (transcript of records)

Each exchange students will receive a transcript of records after their studies at the Institute for Prehistoric Archaeology have ended. The transcript of records shows the number of ECTS-credits and the ECTS-grades the student has achieved.


Please, remember to file all your certificates carefully! Without these you will not receive a transcript of records! Certificates can be downloaded here.


In order to be able to meet the requirements for an award of ECTS-credits, exchange students are allowed to take examinations (both in oral or written form) in courses, in which FU-students take no exams, provided the respective tutor or professor agrees.

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