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CFP: "My Korea is..."

My Korea is

My Korea is

News vom 12.08.2020

Dear students,
The Korea-Europe Programme at Freie Universität Berlin is inviting you to participate in the „My Korea Is …“ event!
If you happen to be enrolled in Korean studies or if you are Korean and currently studying in Europe, we would love to get a deeper understanding about what Korea means to you. We encourage you to get creative: How would you express your thoughts and feelings about Korea? Feel free to submit your ideas in any way you like: visual (video, animation, photography, collage, painting, comic, design, mixed and multimedia etc.), audio (podcast, composition etc.), text (essay, poetry etc.) or any other way you can think of.
We are looking forward to your contributions! A jury will reward the most outstanding entries: The first prizes will be honoured with 500€, the second with 300€ and the third with 100€.
Your work will have to be submitted or linked to via email to my-korea-is@lists.fu-berlin.de by September 30th.
For further information please refer to the attached files or visit ourwebsite:www.geschkult.fu-berlin.de/en/e/oas/korea-studien/korea-eu/my-korea/index.html.
We cannot wait to hear from you! Show us your Korea!

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