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"My Korea is..." - Winning Entries

"My Korea is..."

"My Korea is..."

We are pleased to announce the winners of “My Korea is …”!

We received several interesting entries from different places in Europe and want to give our thanks to all the participants of the event.

The number of awarded prizes is proportional to the number of entries in each category. We are therefore awarding one Jury Favourite for students studying a Korea related major at a European university as well as one Jury Favourite for Korean citizens studying at a European university. For the categories there is no distinction between Korean and European students.

The Jury Favourites as the 1st places will be awarded with 500€ each, the 2nd places of a category with 300€ and the 3rd places of a category with 100€.

Congratulations to the winners and a big “Thank you” to all the participants who made this event possible!

Category Video: 2nd Prize

Areumbit Park (Kunstakademie Düsseldorf)

"Korea is a very complex country in history. After 35 years of Japanese occupation, many cultures were cut off, and after our autonomy was taken from USA, it is devided until now. The feelings of sorrow (HAN) we have are not only the sadness we always had to fight, but also the strength to be able to overcome it. Since I live in Germany, I often explain where I come from. I always explain that I am from Southkorea and ask myself what it means to be Korean and what Korea means. Before explaining to others, we need to know for ourselves what it means. I wanted to express our korean emotions through our own culture like Pansori and Talchum(Mask Dance). I attempted to show our strength based on the sorrow and humor. i took Simcheong Song of Pansori, especially using scene, where Shim Bong-sa opens his eyes, as background music. History can't be separated ans is always on the way. This means that when we open our eyes and understand our history as Korean, we can hope for better Korea."

3rd Prize - 01

Anina Zimmermann (Freie Universität Berlin)

"Using animations and real life footage I tried to make my impression of Korea seem more alive to the viewer while sharing my favorite stories."

3rd Prize - 02

Oana-Lavinia Goron (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt a.M.)

"As a Korea enthusiast who hasn’t got the chance yet to explore this beautiful country in person, my entry consists of a video submission that hopefully encompasses, in the simplest manner, my respect and admiration towards Korean music, dramas, culture, language and cuisine and my contribution of sharing the Korean culture with the others in the hope that they too will see Korea for what it truly is and what it can offer."

2nd Prize 2

Eunsong Park (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)

"My Korea is open. This openness is not self-evident and therefore I would like to present why I believe so in the form of a short podcast."