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Atmospheres of Alienation



News vom 02.11.2023

Two-day symposium convened by Daniel Horn (Institute of Art History, FU Berlin) and Onyeka Igwe (Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford)


Nov 7
Panel I: "Antecedents and Revisions"
FU Institute of Art History-Hörsaal B, Koserstrasse 20, 14195 Berlin
Maryam Ohadi-Hamadani, University of Edinburgh
"Visualising 'The Inner Plantation'". The Caribbean Artists Movement and London of the 1960s"
Aline Pighin, CESSMA Paris
"Poto-Poto at the Galerie Palmes. Narratives from Black Paris, 1952"
Rufus Nwoko, New Culture Studio, Ibadan
"Je ka lo siwaju. Revisiting the Ibadan Mbari story"
Nydia A. Swaby, ICA London
"Amy & Me in the Archive: Auto/ethnography as Black Feminist Archival Practice"

Nov 8
Panel II: "Currents and Climates"
Spore Initiative, Hermannstrasse 86, 12051 Berlin
KJ Abudu, Swiss Institute New York
"Traces of Ecstasy. Decolonial Spectropoetics at the Lagos Biennial 2024"
Annabelle Aventurin, Ciné-Archives, Paris
"Anti-Colonial Cinema, Communism and the Med Hondo Archive"
Tobi Haslett, Yale University
"Watts Reconsidered. From Guy Debord to James Boggs"
Seb Franklin, King’s College London
"'Urban Dynamics'. Productions of Race in Capital Accumulation"

For enquiries please reach out to
d.horn@fu-berlin.de ; onyeka.igwe@rsa.ox.ac.uk


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