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Prof. Dr. Nazan Maksudyan’s Ottoman Children and Youth During World War I (Syracuse University Press, 2019) hat den The Association for Middle East Children and Youth Studies (AMECYS) 2020 book award gewonnen

News vom 09.10.2020

In ihrem Entscheidungsschreiben begrünndeten die Mitglieder des Ausschusses, Leyla Neyzi, Nancy L. Stockdale und Shahram Khosravi die Auszeichnung wie folgt:

"All committee members agreed that Nazan Maksudyan’s book was impeccably written, highly readable, without the jargon that often accompanies academic tomes, providing both a new approach to the study of children and a new approach to working in and interpreting archives. This is simply a wonderful book that will be of interest not only to academics working on the Middle East but to a wide range of scholars across disciplines and regions with an interest in the study of children and childhood."

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