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Guidance and advice

As you develop your course of study, you may have questions. The institute offers several avenues through which you may find the right answers. Each student should make an advising appointment at the beginning of their study so that they may find out which certificates they may be missing, such as language proficiency tests, so that they may correct those problems early. The obligatory department advising session will provide, at the absolute minimum, at least some information regarding required courses and will ease the your transition into the university.

Peer Advisor

Anne Rinke Room A 248

Mail: FMI-Beratung@fu-berlin.de

Phone: 030/ 838 67582

Advice for BA students

Prof. Dr. Klaus Geus (room A 358)

E-Mail: balt@zedat.fu-berlin.de

Phone: 030/ 838 53 383

Prof. Dr. Alexander Schunka (room A 386)

Mail: alexander.schunka@fu-berlin.de

Phone: 030/ 838 58 102

Advice for Undergraduates in Educators Training (BA)

Prof. Dr. Martin Lücke ( room A 343)

Mail:    martin.luecke@fu-berlin.de

Phone:    030/ 838-56768

Advice for MA students

Prof. Dr. Thomas Ertl (room A 238)

Mail: esdersst@zedat.fu-berlin.de

Phone: 030/ 838 56823