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TALK: LLM‐Enhanced Software Development for Overcoming the Multi‐Decade Digital Disruption of (Arabic) Textual Scholarship – Th. S. Beers & M. Kozae

22.03.2024 | 18:30

Institute for Advanced Study Princeton, workshop "Scholarly Editions of Right-to-Left script Texts"

Theodore S. Beers (Berlin University Alliance) and Mahmoud Kozae
(Freie Universität Berlin) present at the IAS Princeton workshop convened by Adam Mestilan, Sabine Schmidtke, Maria Mercedes Tuya, coordinated by Uta Nitschke-Joseph.

Abstract: The Kalīla and Dimna project embarked on developing specialized software to support its editorial activities, prompted by the inadequacy of existing software solutions to meet the project's specific requirements. This gap highlights a persistent challenge within digital textual scholarship, which has struggled to fully adapt since the advent of computing technology. While the development of specializedsoftware has proven effective for the Kalīla and Dimna project, it should not be universally recommended for all editing endeavors, particularly those facing circumstances similar to those encountered by the Kalila and Dimna project between 2018 and 2022. However, the landscape of software development has undergone significant transformation, notably with the advent of more efficient Large Language Models (LLMs), suggesting that software development could increasingly present a viable solution across a wider range of projects.

The hybrid event is open to registered attendants only. Programme overview available via the Digital Repository of the IAS.

Please contact M. Kozae for further details: mahmoud.kozae@fu-berlin.de

Zeit & Ort

22.03.2024 | 18:30

Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ, hybrid participation.