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Prof. Dr. Refqa Abu-Remaileh

Dr. Refqa Abu-Remaileh

Seminar für Semitistik und Arabistik

Fachrichtung Arabistik


Principal Investigator ERC-Projekt PalREAD

Fabeckstr. 23–25
Raum -1.1006


Virtual Office Hours: Tuesdays 16.00-17.00
Appointments via email

Aktuelle Positionen

seit 2020

Professor for Modern Arabic Literature and Film, Freie Universität Berlin

Fachbereich Geschichts- und Kulturwissenschaften, Seminar für Semitistik und Arabistik


Principal Investigator, Freie Universität Berlin 

ERC-Projektes “PalREAD – Reading and Reception of Palestinian Literature Since 1948” 

Fachbereich Geschichts- und Kulturwissenschaften, Seminar für Semitistik und Arabistik

seit 2016

Research Fellow affilliert mit dem Forum Transregionale Studien (Berlin) 

Projekt: “Contrapuntal Fragments: Palestinian Narratives and the Search for the Whole”



PhD (DPhil), Modern Arabic Literature and Film 

Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford (Oxford)

Abschlussarbeit: “Documenting Palestinian Presence: A Study of the Novels of Emile Habibi and the Films of Elia Suleiman”. Gutachter: Robin Ostle und Walter Armbrust.  


Masters (MSt), Modern Middle Eastern Studies

Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford (Oxford) 

Abschlussarbeit: “Women, Nationalism and Patriarchy in Modern Arabic Literature and Film”. 


Bachelor of Arts (BA), English Literature

Department of English, University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Kanada) 


Diplom, International Baccalaureate (IB)

Amman Baccalaureate School (Amman, Jordanien) 


Zertifikat, Introductory Filmmaking  

Vancouver Film School (Vancouver, Kanada) 

Vorherige Positionen


Leitung, Palestine-Israel ProjectsOxford Research Group, Middle East Programme (London)


Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) Postdoctoral Research Fellow am Forum Transregionale Studien (Berlin)

Projekt: “Resistance and Subversion in Palestinian Literature and Film: Seeking New Comparative Dimensions”.


Postdoctoral Researcher (Marburg), Re-Configurations Research Network, Center for Near and Middle East Studies an der Philipps-Universität Marburg.


EUME Postdoctoral Fellow am Forum Transregionale Studien (Berlin)

Projekt: “Narrative Entanglements: An Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Approach to Palestinian Literature and Film”.

2012–2015 Leitung, Palestinian Citizens of Israel Group, Oxford Research Group (London

Manager, Middle East Programme, Oxford Research Group (London)

2004–2007 Koordination, The Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma Europe (London) 

Researcher, The Guardian Newspaper (London)

Stipendien und Preise


Stipendium für Postdoktoranden, Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung.


Stipendium für Postdoktoranden, Forum Transregionale Studien, Berlin.

2007–2009 Stipendium für DoktorandenSocial Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).

Overseas Research Student Award, University of Oxford.

2000–2001 Canada Exchange Scholar Scholarship, University of British Columbia.

Student Initiative Scholarship, University of British Columbia.

2008–2009 Vice Chancellor’s Fund Award, University of Oxford.
2008–2009 St John’s College Music Grant, University of Oxford.
2008–2009 St John’s College Blues Squad Grant, University of Oxford.

PalREAD macht es sich zum Ziel, die Geschichte der palästinensischen Literatur zu erzählen, indem es die Entwicklung palästinensischer literarischer und kultureller Produktion und Praktiken von 1948 bis heute in verschiedenen arabischen, europäischen, amerikanischen und lateinamerikanischen Ländern aufspürt, sammelt, kartografiert und analysiert.

2007 “Filming the Modern Middle East” (Book review). Arab Media and Society, Issue 2, Summer. 2008 “Palestinian anti-narratives in the films of Elia Suleiman”. Arab Media and SocietyJournal, Issue 5, Spring. <http://www.arabmediasociety.com/?article=670>

2009 The Meeting Place of British Middle East Studies: Emerging Scholars, Emergent Research and Approaches. Co-editor with Amanda Phillips. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.  

2010 “Documenting Palestinian Presence: A Study of the Novels of Emile Habibi and the Films of Elia Suleiman.” DPhil Thesis, deposited at the Bodleian Library. St John’s College: Oxford University.

2012 “Egypt's Culture Wars” (Book review). International Journal of Middle East Studies, Vol.  44 no. 2, May 2012, pp. 366-368.

2013 “Narratives in Conflict: Emile Habibi’s al-Waqa’i‘ al-Ghariba and Elia Suleiman’s Divine Intervention”. In Narrating Conflict in the Middle East: Discourse, Image and Communications Practices in Lebanon and Palestine. Eds. Dina Matar and Zahera Harb. London: I.B. Tauris.

2014 “The Kanafani Effect: Resistance and Counter-Narration in the Films of Michel Khleifi and Elia Suleiman”. Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication, Vol. 7, Issue 2 (Special Issue on Palestine and the Moving Image).

2014 “Longing for Haifa in Haifa: Exile in the Homeland?” TRAFO - Blog for TransregionalResearch <http://trafo.hypotheses.org/1400>.  

2015 “The Afterlives of Ilitizam: Emile Habibi through a Kanafaniesque Lens of Resistance Literature”. In Commitment and Beyond: Reflections on/of the Political in Arabic Literature since the 1940s. Eds. Friederike Pannewick and Georges Khalil. Wiesbaden: Reichert-Verlag.

2015 “Elia Suleiman: Narrating Negative Space”. In Ten Arab Filmmakers: Political Dissent and Social Critique. Ed. Josef Gugler. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

2017 “Novel as Contrapuntal Reading: Elias Khoury’s Children of the Ghetto, My Name is Adam.” In The Holocaust and the Nakba: A New Grammar of Conflicting Historical Traumas. New York: Columbia University Press (forthcoming).