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Dr. James White (2019-2021)

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Seminar für Semitistik und Arabistik

Arabic Studies

Alexander von Humboldt Fellow

Literary Migrations: Arabic and Persian Poetry around the Arabian Sea, 1600-1700

Fabeckstr. 23/25
14195 Berlin

Literary Migrations: Arabic and Persian Poetry around the Arabian Sea, 1600-1700

‘Literary Migrations’ seeks to expand scholarly understanding of early modern poetry in Arabic and Persian and the interlinked nature of literary production during this period. Based on two biographical anthologies of contemporary poetry which were composed within years of one another (Sulāfat al-ʿaṣr by Ibn Maʿṣūm al-Madanī and Tazkira-yi Naṣrābādī by Muḥammad Ṭāhir Naṣrābādī), the project examines the circulation of Arabic and Persian verse between the Arabian Peninsula, Iran and India during the long seventeenth century. The project is cataloguing all of the poets and poetry featured in these anthologies and their paratexts, and so developing a map of migration, sociability and intertextuality. The project data allow a detailed assessment of how people from differing regions and social strata created their own literary communities, and of how poetic styles and aesthetic practices were disseminated around the Arabian Sea. 

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