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The Globalized Chinese Science Fiction

16.01.2020 | 12:00 c.t.

Regina Kanyu Wang (Shanghai)

Chinese science fiction, of which the history can be traced back to the beginning of 1900s, has obtained phenomenal attention globally in the second decade of the 21st century. The talk will analyze the reasons behind the scene from several aspects: the influence of global texts on educated Chinese writers, the growth of translation channels and opportunities, the increasing attention towards China, the prosperity of Chinese science fiction industry and others. The talk will also try to answer the question of what is special of the "globalized" Chinese science fiction and to what extent it is still "Chinese“.

The lecture was organised in cooperation with Kapsel Magazin: www.kapsel-magazin.de


Born in 1990, Regina Kanyu Wang is a writer from Shanghai who writes both in Chinese and English; she is a graduate of Fudan University, member of Shanghai Writers’ Association, Shanghai Popular Science Writers’ Association and World Chinese Science Fiction Association as well as deputy secretary of Asia Science Fiction Association. She is a multiple winner of Chinese Nebula Award and has published widely, including two science fiction story collections, Of Cloud and Mist 2.2 (2018) and Seafood Restaurant (2020). Regina also wrote various essays introducing Chinese science fiction in English. Now working as Overseas Market Director for Storycom, she promotes Chinese science fiction internationally.

Zeit & Ort

16.01.2020 | 12:00 c.t.

Fabeckstr. 23-25 ("Holzlaube"), Room 2.2051