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Vortrag: Japanese Experts in China’s Postwar Reconstruction: History, Legacy and Memory

15.11.2018 | 12:00 c.t.

Daqing Yang (Berlin, Washington)

It is well-known that in the wake of World War II, the Allied countries made use of scientists and engineers from defeated Germany. In contrast, the fact that tens of thousands of Japanese scientific and technical personnel remained and worked in China after that war has largely been overlooked by historians. Drawing from a wide range of sources in Japanese, Chinese and English languages, this study explains the decisions by both Chinese Nationalists and Communists to make use of Japanese experts and skilled workers after the war as well as the attitude of the United States toward the continued presence of Japanese in China. Moreover, it examines the attitudes of ordinary Chinese citizens as well as the multifaceted experience of those Japanese working in fields ranging from industry to medical service to scientific research. Lastly, it assesses the latter’s contribution to China’s postwar reconstruction as well as the evolving memories of this episode in these two Asian neighbors.    

Daqing Yang is an Associate Professor of History and International Affairs at the George Washington University, where he teaches modern Japanese history and co-directs the Memory and Reconciliation in the Asia Pacific program in the Elliott School of International Affairs. Currently he is a visiting scholar at the Max Planck Instutite for the History of Science. His research interests are in Japanese empire, the history and memory of the Asia-Pacific War, and historical reconciliation. His book Technology of Empire examines telecommunications networks and the history of Japanese empire-building. His edited works include Communications under the Seas, Rethinking Historical Injustice and Reconciliation, and Toward a History Beyond Borders: Contentious Issues in Sino-Japanese Relations. A native of Nanjing, China, he received his PhD at Harvard University.Website: history.columbian.gwu.edu/daqing-yang

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15.11.2018 | 12:00 c.t.

Neubau "Holzlaube", Room 2.2051