Roundtable@GEAS: Recent Trends in Chinese State-Society Relations: Topics, Approaches, Methods

20.02.2018 | 09:00

Guest: Lynette Ong (University of Toronto)



9:00     Welcome (Elena Meyer-Clement, FUB)

Speaker presentations

9:10     Lynette Ong (University of Toronto): “Outsourcing of State Repression in China: “Thugs-for-Hire" and Market Brokers”

9:45     Sabrina Habich-Sobiegalla (FUB): “Freedom to Choose in China’s Dam Resettlement: Experiences of ‘Self-organized’ Migrant Households"

10:20   Genia Kostka (FUB): “Public Acceptance of China’s Emerging Social Credit System: Designing a Mobile Phone App Survey Across China”

10:55   Coffee Break

11:15   Katja Levy (FUB): “The Search of Civil Society in Xi Jinping's China“

Roundtable Discussion

11:50   Trends and challenges in studying Chinese state-society relations today

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Zeit & Ort

20.02.2018 | 09:00

Room 2.2051 (Holzlaube)
Freie Universität Berlin
Fabeckstr. 23-25
14195 Berlin