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KEC Special Lecture Series WS 2023/24: The frontrunners of K-pop: Catching up with ever-evolving K-pop

08.01.2024 | 12:15 s.t. - 13:45

K-pop, a global cultural phenomenon, garners mixed opinions. Some see it as "soft power" supported by the Korean government, serving diplomatic and economic purposes, while others dismiss it as a fleeting trend. Amid praise and criticism, K-pop offers bold narratives, worldviews, and top-notch choreography, defining itself as an artistic performance. It has not only replaced Western idol models but also serves as an industrial prototype that the West is beginning to adopt. K-pop's resilience can be attributed to its fan-centric approach and diverse production system. K-pop agencies connect creators of different backgrounds, forming a cultural network. This lecture aims to focus on the "perspectives," "strategies," and "methodologies" of K-pop creaters that captivate global fans. Understanding their values, methods, and fan engagement offers insight into K-pop's present and future in the global music market. 

KEC Special Lecture Series on the Korean Wave (Hallyu) WS 2023/24

KEC Special Lecture Series on the Korean Wave (Hallyu) WS 2023/24

Networking creators in the K-pop scene: The production system and process of K-pop

-Jae-hyuk Choi (K-pop producer)


In this intriguing lecture, Jae-hyuk Choi delves into the fascinating world of K-pop, aiming to demystify its essence and the intricate process that goes into creating this global phenomenon. The exploration begins by questioning, "What is K-pop?" The speaker breaks down the seemingly complex process of K-pop, emphasizing that it isn't a super science but rather a nuanced combination of creativity, strategy, and cultural influence. Participants navigate through the steps involved in album production, examining how roles are meticulously divided and the significance of personal connections in shaping the industry's dynamics. The speaker explains its validity by including everyone involved in the production of K-pop as subjects of creativity, naming them not as artists and staff but as on-stage artists and off-stage artists. Furthermore, he explores the distinctive system of K-pop compared to other music industries. Throughout this enlightening journey, the speaker shares anecdotes and stories derived from personal experiences, offering a unique narrative that adds depth and context to the broader landscape of K-pop.

About the lecturer:

Jae-hyuk Choi (A.K.A Producer 72) is a versatile figure in the South Korean entertainment industry, excelling as a producer, songwriter, lyricist, and film director with a primary focus on K-pop. As the founder of "the Key Artist Agency," a global music and entertainment agency in South Korea, he has played an instrumental role in shaping the Korean music industry. Currently serving as the General Chief Producer at Yuehua Entertainment in South Korea, he continues to contribute to nurturing talented artists. After graduating from M.I (Musician’s Institute) in Hollywood, California, Jae-hyuk Choi began his career as a sound engineer at the renowned Silent Sound studio in Hollywood. In 2007, he moved to Korea and served as a manager and A&R for Son Dambi at Pledis Entertainment. His work propelled Son Dambi to become Korea's #1 female pop star. In 2012, Choi founded a music publishing company, pitching music to Korean labels. Four years later, he officially began his career as a producer, starting with the K-pop group 4TEN. Since then, he has produced for various groups, including OH MY GIRL, EVERGLOW, Choi YENA, and Tempest. Throughout his career, Producer 72 has collaborated with renowned acts such as Sistar, Twice, Hyolyn, KARD, April, and more. Currently, he is producing independent artists and overseeing the production of an Idol band at Yuehua Entertainment, demonstrating his ongoing commitment to shaping the future of K-pop.

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Zeit & Ort

08.01.2024 | 12:15 s.t. - 13:45

Online (Webex)

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Dr. Sookeung Jung (sookeung.jung@fu-berlin.de)