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KEC Special Lecture Series WS 2023/24: The frontrunners of K-pop: Catching up with ever-evolving K-pop

08.01.2024 | 12:15 s.t. - 13:45

Networking creators in the K-pop scene: The production system and process of K-pop

-Jae-hyuk Choi (K-pop producer)

KEC Special Lecture Series on the Korean Wave (Hallyu) WS 2023/24

KEC Special Lecture Series on the Korean Wave (Hallyu) WS 2023/24


K-pop, a global cultural phenomenon, garners mixed opinions. Some see it as "soft power" supported by the Korean government, serving diplomatic and economic purposes, while others dismiss it as a fleeting trend. Amid praise and criticism, K-pop offers bold narratives, worldviews, and top-notch choreography, defining itself as an artistic performance. It has not only replaced Western idol models but also serves as an industrial prototype that the West is beginning to adopt. K-pop's resilience can be attributed to its fan-centric approach and diverse production system. K-pop agencies connect creators of different backgrounds, forming a cultural network. This lecture aims to focus on the "perspectives," "strategies," and "methodologies" of K-pop creaters that captivate global fans. Understanding their values, methods, and fan engagement offers insight into K-pop's present and future in the global music market. 

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Zeit & Ort

08.01.2024 | 12:15 s.t. - 13:45

Online (Webex)

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Dr. Sookeung Jung (sookeung.jung@fu-berlin.de)