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KEC Special Lecture Series WS 2023/24: The frontrunners of K-pop: Catching up with ever-evolving K-pop

22.01.2024 | 12:15 s.t. - 13:45

K-pop, a global cultural phenomenon, garners mixed opinions. Some see it as "soft power" supported by the Korean government, serving diplomatic and economic purposes, while others dismiss it as a fleeting trend. Amid praise and criticism, K-pop offers bold narratives, worldviews, and top-notch choreography, defining itself as an artistic performance. It has not only replaced Western idol models but also serves as an industrial prototype that the West is beginning to adopt. K-pop's resilience can be attributed to its fan-centric approach and diverse production system. K-pop agencies connect creators of different backgrounds, forming a cultural network. This lecture aims to focus on the "perspectives," "strategies," and "methodologies" of K-pop creators that captivate global fans. Understanding their values, methods, and fan engagement offers insight into K-pop's present and future in the global music market. 

KEC Special Lecture Series on the Korean Wave (Hallyu) WS 2023/24

KEC Special Lecture Series on the Korean Wave (Hallyu) WS 2023/24

Idols behind the idols: Dreams, efforts and struggles to be a star

-Hee-a Park (K-pop specialist journalist and critic) 


K-pop, which constitutes the largest part of South Korea's popular culture industry, transcends the borders of Korea, bringing happiness and comfort to numerous international fans. As central figures in this industry, Korean idols not only represent Korea but also serve as a source of joy and solace for fans worldwide. What aspects of their existence bring hope to fans? Simultaneously, what are the advantages and hidden pains of the profession of being an idol—a job that provides hope? Drawing on the experience of covering this industry as a specialized journalist in Korean idols, Hee-a Park’s special lecture explores the profession of 'K-Idol' and delves into various keywords that can be discovered through them, contributing to explaining one facet of the Hallyu phenomenon.

About the lecturer:

As a journalist and pop music critic in South Korea, Hee-a Park has primarily covered and written about the Korean popular music market. She has been active as a reporter specializing in idols, releasing a series of three interview books on figures in the K-pop idol industry—titled "Idol Makers," "Idol's Studio," and "Our Stage Will Continue." Currently, she has expanded her scope beyond popular music journalism to cover various aspects of South Korea's popular culture. Her most recent work is the "Artist as a Profession" series, consisting of interviews with 52 artists, including musicians, actors, and writers.

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22.01.2024 | 12:15 s.t. - 13:45

Online (Webex)

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Dr. Sookeung Jung (sookeung.jung@fu-berlin.de)