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KEC Special Lecture Series WS 2023/24: The frontrunners of K-pop: Catching up with ever-evolving K-pop

15.01.2024 | 12:15 s.t. - 13:45

K-pop, a global cultural phenomenon, garners mixed opinions. Some see it as "soft power" supported by the Korean government, serving diplomatic and economic purposes, while others dismiss it as a fleeting trend. Amid praise and criticism, K-pop offers bold narratives, worldviews, and top-notch choreography, defining itself as an artistic performance. It has not only replaced Western idol models but also serves as an industrial prototype that the West is beginning to adopt. K-pop's resilience can be attributed to its fan-centric approach and diverse production system. K-pop agencies connect creators of different backgrounds, forming a cultural network. This lecture aims to focus on the "perspectives," "strategies," and "methodologies" of K-pop creaters that captivate global fans. Understanding their values, methods, and fan engagement offers insight into K-pop's present and future in the global music market. 

KEC Special Lecture Series on the Korean Wave (Hallyu) WS 2023/24

KEC Special Lecture Series on the Korean Wave (Hallyu) WS 2023/24

Fandom management of K-pop: Planning and operational strategies of a K-pop fan community platform

-Won-joon Choi (Former Weverse marketing strategy planner)


No one can deny that behind BTS's global success lies the passionate support and sponsorship of their formidable fandom, known as 'ARMY.' In 2020, amidst the worldwide suspension of offline performances due to the pandemic, BTS held an online concert on the Weverse platform under the name 'Bang Bang Con: The Live.' This concert attracted simultaneous viewership from 750,000 fans in 107 countries, generating a revenue of 25 billion won.
In an increasingly powerful media environment dominated by social media and video service platforms, the influence of fandoms has become even stronger. While past fandoms were merely communities of individuals fervently supporting a specific person or field, the current phenomenon, proven by the global popularity of K-pop groups like BTS and BLACKPINK, goes beyond cultural impact, revealing economic influence as well.
Won-joon Choi's special lecture draws on his experience in planning and operating services on the Weverse platform to guide participants through the world of fandom business. Using examples from idol groups such as BTS, Seventeen, Tomorrow X Together, and Enhypen—all under HYBE—Choi vividly illustrates Weverse's fandom marketing strategies and the ecosystem of fandom business through commerce and content services. 

About the lecturer:

In his 15 years at Samsung Electronics' Wireless Business Division, Won-joon Choi gained expertise in content, commerce, and B2B sales, overseeing the development of content and electronic payment for the Samsung Galaxy Store. Subsequently, he co-founded and led the startup company Veaver at Konai, the leading smart card company in South Korea, where he played a key role in developing a knowledge-sharing platform for corporate videos. Starting in 2020, as the New Business TF Leader at Hive/Weverse Company, Won-joon Choi spearheaded fandom marketing strategies, new business development, and product planning. Through the work, he contributed to the expansion of Weverse Company's platform business by providing diverse content and goods commerce, enhancing the communication experience between fans and stars. Currently serving as the Co-CEO of Dots Communication, Won-joon Choi continues his role as a marketing expert focused on fandom.

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15.01.2024 | 12:15 s.t. - 13:45

Online (Webex)

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Dr. Sookeung Jung (sookeung.jung@fu-berlin.de)