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Dr. Olly Akkerman

Olly Akkerman
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Institut für Islamwissenschaft


Fabeckstr. 23/25
Raum 1.1068
14195 Berlin


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  • “Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin“ (Lecturer and Research Associate) at the Institut für Islamwissenschaft, Freie Universität Berlin, since 2016.
  • Obtained PhD at the Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies (Freie Universität Berlin) in 2015, titled The Bohra Dark Archive and the Language of Secrecy. The RoyalAlawi Bohra Library in Baroda. Mphil in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Leiden University, the Netherlands.
  • Research interests: manuscript cultures of the Islamic world, new methodologies in philology, social and material history of Shi’i cultures and societies (both historical and contemporary), archival histories of Ismā’īlism, anthropology of texts and archives in the Middle East and South Asia.
  • Teaching interests: Codicology and Paleography, the social life of texts and archives, history of Shi’ism, theory and methods of the study of Islam, intellectual history.

Manuskriptkunde, Soziale Philologie, Kultur- und Gesellschaftsgeschichte des Schiitischen Islams, insbesondere die Ismā’īliyya, die soziale Rolle von Texten und Archiven in Glaubensgemeinschaften des Nahen Ostens und Süd-Asiens

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