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Dr. Samuël Coghe

Colonial and Global History, History of Knowledge, African History

+49 30 838 67250


Dr. Michela Coletta

Global and Transnational History, Cultural and Intellectual History, History of Knowledge, Environmental Humanities, Environmental Governance, Latin America


Prof. Dr. Sebastian Conrad

Global History, (Post-)colonial History, Intellectual History

+49 30 838 53815


Dr. Franziska Exeler

Modern Eastern Europe and Russia; War and Society; (International) Legal History; Migration, Borders and Borderland Studies

Franziska Exeler

Prof. Dr. Michael Goebel

Global History, Social History, Urban History, Nationalism

+49 30 838 50356

Michael Goebel

Dr. Minu Haschemi Yekani

(Post-)Colonial History, Histories of Racism and Migration, Labour History

+49 30 838 59127


Dr Valeska Huber

Global and International History, History of Migration and Mobility, History of Communication

+49 30 838 64167

Dr. Valeska Huber

Dr Sophie-Jung Kim

Global and Transnational History, History of Religion and Ideas, Modern South Asia

Sophie-Jung Kim

Dr. Adrián Lerner Patrón

Latin America, Urban History, Environmental History, History of Science

Adrian Lerner

Dr. Dörte Lerp

(Post-)Colonial History, Tourism and Development

+49 30 838 68840


Dr. Timothy Nunan

Russian Empire/Soviet Union, Global and Transnational History, History of Development and Humanitarianism

Timothy Nunan

Dr. Joseph Ben Prestel

European History, Middle Eastern History, Urban History

+49 30 838 72190


Dr. Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe

Holocaust Studies, East European History, Jewish History, Global History of Transnational Violence, History of Multiethnic Cities

+49 30 838 65714


Dr. Esther Sahle

Global History, Economic History, Early Modern History, Religion, Trade, Governance, Human Capital

Esther Sahle

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Schaper

History of Colonialism, Gender History, Tourism

+49 30 838 51993


Yorim Spoelder

South and Southeast Asian History, European History, Colonial History, History of Knowledge, Critical Heritage Studies, Urban History.

Yorim Spoelder
Reaching the People