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THURSDAY, 17 March 2016

19:00 Pre-conference Dinner at Restaurant "Alter Krug"

FRIDAY, 18 March 2016

9:00–10:00 Registration

10:00–11:00 Panel I: Introducing Space

Chair: Helmuth Trischler
Alexander C.T. Geppert: The Final Countdown: Europe's Extraterrestrial Futures in the Twentieth Century

11:30–13:00 Panel II: Localizing Space

Chair: Paul Ceruzzi
Katherine Boyce-Jacino: Spaces of Knowledge and Experience: Planetaria and Cities, 1925–1950
Philipp Aumann: Belief in Progress as Leitmotif: The Place of Peenemünde in European Astroculture


14:30–16:00 Panel III: Engineering Space

Chair: Martina Heßler
Daniel Brandau: Distrusted Futures: Rocket Technology in Post-War Germany, 1948–1963
Robert Poole: An Englishman in Orbit: Arthur C. Clarke, Techno-Prophet

16:30–18:00 Panel IV: Imaging Space

Chair: Robert Poole
Jana BruggmannRe-Envisioning Earth in the Age of Globalization
Natalija MajsovaPost-1961 Space Imagery and Meta-Reflections on the Dawn of the Space Age

19:30 Dinner at Restaurant "Heuberger"

SATURDAY, 19 March 2016

09:30–11:00 Panel V: Realizing Space

Chair: Regina Peldszus
Ralf Bülow: To the Moon and Beyond: Outer Space in West-German Television in 1966
Tilmann Siebeneichner: Europeans in Orbit: Spacelab as lieu de l'avenir, 1973–1985

11:30–13:00 Panel VI: Exalting Space

Chair: Helmut Zander
Thore Bjørnvig: Is There a Common Mythology of the Twentieth-Century European Space Age?
Benjamin Dittmann: Ashes to Ashes: Biopolitics of Death in Space


14:00–15:30 Panel VII: Revisiting Space

Chair: Alexander C.T. Geppert
Martin Collins: Astroculture and Historiographies of the Modern
Dirk van Laak, Michael Neufeld and Helmuth Trischler: European Astroculture and the Making of a Global Age (Panel Discussion)

16:00 End

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