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THURSDAY, 19 April 2012

08.00 Registration

09.00 Introduction

Alexander C.T. Geppert, Daniel Brandau, William R. Macauley:
The 1970s, Western Europe, and the Delineation of Space

09.30  Feature Presentation I

Martin Collins: Ambiguities of the 1970s. Spaceflight and the Problem
of Historically Interpreting the In-Between Decade

11.00  Panel I:   Transitions

Chair:      Paul Nolte

Andrew Jenks: Space Flight, Cosmopolitics, and Transnational Consciousness


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  Doug Millard: Were the 1970s a Period of Transition for the History
  of Britain’s Exploration of Space?

  14.00  Panel II:  Pictures

  Chair:      Thomas P. Weber

  Robert Poole: '2001: A Space Odyssey.' Space Travel and the Ends of Progress

  Ralf Bülow: The X Files. Reading a West German Sci-Tech Magazine from 1969 to 1973

  16.00  Panel III:   Laws

  Chair:      Peter Becker

  Luca Follis: Beyond Law’s Frontier. The Normative Imaginary of Outer Space

  Virgiliu Pop: The Moon Agreement and the Beginning of Utopia

  19.00 Feature Presentation II

  Agnes Meyer-Brandis: Space Traveling. A Performence-Lecture Examining Real Utopian
  Aspects of Interplanetary Exchange of Idea and Matter

  FRIDAY, 20 April 2012

  09.00  Feature Presentation III

  Chair:      William R. Macauley

  John Krige: Blowback, Lift Off. The Rise of Ariane and the Decline of US Monopoly of Access
  to Space in the 1970s

  10.15  Panel IV:   Politics

  Chair:      Etienne Benson

  Matthew H. Hersch: 'On the Edge of Forever.' 1972 and the New American Space Consensus

  Neil M. Maher: Ground Control. Space Technology, Environmentalism, and Détente Across the
  Developing World

  13.00  Panel V:   Texts

  Chair:      Matthias Schwartz

  Florian Kläger: Reading into the Stars. Metaphorized Cosmology and Self-Reflexivity
  in the British Novel of the 1970s

  Regina Peldszus: Astronauts and their Crew Quarters as Markers of 'Humanized'
  Space Futures

  15.00  Panel VI:   Aesthetics

  Chair:      Claudia Schmölders

  Christina Vatsella: Satellite Art. Artworks in Orbit

  Thore Bjørnvig: Unlimited Play in a World of Limits. The LEGO Classic Space Theme, 1978-80

  17.00  Panel VII:    Prospects

  Chair:      Debbora Battaglia

  Philippe Ailleris: Red Soil, Phonograph Records and United Nations Resolution 33/426.
  Our 1970s Extraterrestrial Heritage

  Lisa Messeri and Janet Vertesi: The Greatest Mission Never Flown

  SATURDAY, 21 April 2012

  09.00  Panel VIII:   Habitats

  Chair:      Thomas Brandstetter

  W. Patrick McCray: Gerard O'Neill’s Visioneering of the 'High Frontier'

  Gonzalo Munévar: Space Colonies and their Critics

  11.00  Panel IX:   Transcendence

  Chair:      Helmuth Trischler

  Peter J. Westwick: From the Club of Rome to Star Wars. The Era of Limits,
  Space Colonization, and the Origins of the SDI

  Roger D. Launius: Human Spaceflight as Religion in the Aftermath of the Space Race

  14.00  Conclusion

  Chair:      Alexander C.T. Geppert

  David A. Kirby: General Comment

  16.00 End

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