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Second project phase for "Closing the Gap in Non-Latin Script Data" approved!

News from Jul 27, 2023

"Closing the Gap in Non-Latin Script Data" is one out of three projects within the focus area "Advancing Research Quality and Value," which has been approved by the Berlin University Alliance for a second phase as an "implementation project." This Digital Humanities project, led by Prof. Dr. Beatrice Gründler and Dr. Jonas Müller-Laackman (Staats- und Universtitätsbibliothek Hamburg Carl von Ossietzky), is aiming to establish a sustainable management of research data management in the humanities, particularly so in the context of scholarly work on cultures and records in Non-Latin Scripts.

The survey on Non-Latin Script projects, is getting continuously updated and expanded by Dr. Theodore S. Beers and Xenia Kudela. The second phase of the project will focus on developing best-practice-models for the implementation of new research projects. The link to the database and further information can be found on the website of the Berlin University Alliance.

Congratulations to the team on this significant achievement!

The project "Closing the Gap in Non-Latin Script Data" is funded under the Excellence Strategy of the Federal Government and the Länder by the the Berlin University Alliance.

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