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Admission to the MAGEA program always starts in the winter semester.

The MAGEA program is a consecutive master's program. In general, the application period runs from April 15. - May 31 of the year in which the studies are to be taken up. For the start in winter 2024/25, the application period runs from April 24 until August 15, 2024. The application deadlines for the MAGEA program are regularly announced centrally online by Freie Universität.

Graduates of German universities can apply directly via the application portal of the Freie Universität Berlin. Applicants with foreign university degrees must apply via uni-assist. Documents sent directly to the institute cannot be considered.

Please note that our program's academic advisors cannot answer inquiries concerning the formal application process via Freie Universität and/or uni-assist (e.g. necessary documents, certification). In these matters, please contact Freie Universität Berlin's admission office (info-service@fu-berlin.de).

This website provides information regarding:


To be eligible for admission to the master’s program, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

1. You must hold a first university degree (e.g. a bachelor’s degree) comprising of at least 180 credit points (ECTS). As part of this degree you have to have earned at least 30 ECTS in courses in East Asian Studies and/or Chinese, Japanese or Korean studies (excluding language training). We check your eligibility based on your transcripts of records where course titles explicitly refer to the one or more of these fields of studies. Alternatively, publicly available short descriptions of the courses or term papers written in the context of the respective courses can be submitted alongside the application.

2. You must provide proof of excellent English language skills (at least level C1 CEFR) if you have not obtained your first university degree in a program where English is the language of instruction.

3. You must provide proof of proficiency (at least level B1 CEFR or equivalent) in one of the following languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

For an explanation of the admission process please visit this website on applications for master’s program at Freie Universität Berlin or refer to the detailed admission regulations in English and German (the latter is the legally binding version).


Documenting your English language proficiency 

MAGEA’s language of instruction is English. We must stress that a high level of English proficiency is required in order to study our master's program successfully. Even if you formally fulfill the language requirements, we recommend that you reflect on your personal language proficiency. Students are expected to read and understand academic texts, to discuss and present advanced scholarly questions when attending classes and to articulate their thoughts in an academic style when submitting assignments or writing research papers and their master's thesis. 

Applicants must submit proof of English language proficiency on a C1 (CEFR) level together with their application. 

To document your English language proficiency, you can submit one of the following certificates:

  • A university degree with English as the primary language of instruction, as evidenced by either the designation of English as the language of instruction on the transcript or transcript supplement (please make this clear in your application materials), or a certificate from the university.
  • University entrance qualification from an English-speaking country/English as the language of instruction
  • language certificates by university language departments (C1 level)
  • confirmation of completed C1 level language courses (taken at a university or a public/private language school).

Recognized language certificates with corresponding minimum scoring:

  • IELTS (General or Academic): overall score at least 7.0 (C1)
  • TOEFL Internet-based iBT or iBT Special Home Edition: overall score 95 or higher, at least 25 in writing
  • Cambridge Examinations: C2 Proficiency, C1 Advanced, B2 First (A): overall score at least 180
  • UNIcert® (level III or higher)
  • PTE Academic (also online): overall score at least 76
  • language certificates by DAAD (C1 level)
  • Erasmus Language Tests (C1 level)

Other language proficiency certificates may also be recognized under certain circumstances. Please inquire in advance at global-east-asia@geschkult.fu-berlin.de to determine if this applies to you.

Please note: When applying via uni-assist, be sure to upload a document (even if your native language is English). Otherwise your application will not be forwarded to the selection committee.

Documenting your proficiency in a program-related language

You can prove your language proficiency in Chinese, Japanese or Korean by submitting one of the following documents:


  • HSK4 Certificate

  • A university entrance qualification in Chinese ((大學) 聯考 (Taiwan), gaokao 高考 (PR China)) or a university degree with a curriculum taught in Chinese.

  • Completion of the Advanced Module Chinese in accordance with the Study and Examination Regulations for the Bachelor's Program in Chinese Studies/East Asian Studies at Freie Universität Berlin dated September 11, 2009 (FU-Mitteilungen 41/2013, p. 961) with a minimum grade of 2.7.

  • Completion of the basic module Chinese IV according to the Study and Examination Regulations for the Bachelor's Program in Chinese Studies/East Asian Studies at Freie Universität Berlin dated May 31, 2018 (FU-Mitteilungen 24/2018, p.484) with a minimum grade of 2.7

  • Proof of completion of 600 teaching hours (incl. attendance, preparation and follow-up time according to the prevailing examination regulations) in Modern Chinese Standard Language.

  • Successful completion of a placement test at the Institute for Chinese Studies of the FU Berlin.


  • JLPT N3 

  • a university degree with a curriculum taught in Japanese

  • Completion of the module Japanese III (modern) or Japanese III (pre-modern) according to the Study and Examination Regulations for the Bachelor's Program in Japanese Studies/East Asian Studies at Freie Universität Berlin dated July 31, 2009 (FU-Mitteilungen 49/2009)

  • Completion of the basic module Japanese V according to the Study and Examination Regulations dated November 16, 2011 (FU-Mitteilungen 5/2012) with a minimum grade of 2.7.


  • TOPIC 3; KLAT 3 

  • a university degree with a curriculum taught in Korean


When and where to submit proof of language proficiency

Applicants must prove all necessary language skills upon application – a preliminary admission is not possible. 

Proof of German language proficiency is not necessary for the application.

Do not send your certificates to our program's academic advisors, but upload them directly to the relevant application portal.



Students holding a degree from a university outside of Germany must submit their application through uni-assist. For more information click here.

The MAGEA program is tuition-free. Fees for registering as a student of Freie Universität Berlin currently run at around €300 per semester (including free use of the Berlin public transportation system). For more information about the exact fees, see the website of the student administration.

There are no specific scholarships for the program, but students can apply for funding independently. A variety of German organizations and foundations offer scholarships for international students in Germany. Each year, several international students of Freie Universität apply successfully for funding from such programs. The DAAD site can help you find a scholarship that fits your personal profile.

Yes, you can submit two applications of equal value for the first semester, but only one application for the higher subject-specific semester.

Yes, if you provide official, provisional documentation from the examination office of your university or faculty that includes a preliminary final grade and certifies that you have already earned at least two-thirds of the necessary credit points. It is not sufficient to calculate the preliminary final grade yourself. The certification must be handed in by the application deadline or your application will not be considered.

We recommend checking the anabin database – a portal informing about recognizing foreign degrees in Germany.

Please check the uniassist webpage, there you can find a list with country-specific requirements for several countries.

Yes. Please note, however, that this is a consecutive master's program; therefore, you will be required to apply on the basis of your bachelor's degree. Qualifications acquired in addition to the bachelor's degree (e.g. education other than a university program, professional experience), can be considered within the application process to document skills and knowledge.

No, applicants must prove all necessary language skills upon application – a preliminary admission is not possible.

No, you would definitely have to enroll for the semester for which you receive the letter of admission; otherwise, your spot in our program will be forfeited and you would have to reapply.

No, your application has to be complete before the deadline, which is why we would advise you to submit your application as soon as possible, so that in case there are missing documents, you would still have the chance to complete your application before the deadline.

No, your application will be considered solely on the basis of your qualifications.

The earlier you submit your application, the sooner you will receive a response, regardless of the length of the application period.

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