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Bachelor program


In the winter semester 2004/05 the Friedrich-Meinecke-Institut introduced the Bachelor program consisting of six semesters of study.

You can find an outline of the program in thestudy and examination regulation for History.

Among other details it includes examples of course plans for History as Major (90 credits) and as a minor subject (with either 60 credits or 30 credits).

History is offered as part of a Multi-subject Bachelor program. Multi-subject Bachelor programs consist of one Major and one or two minors (Modulangebote/“Fächer”). Furthermore, the major and the minor(s) are subdivided into modules that will be graded individually, with all grades contributing to the final grade.

Modules in History normally consist of two courses (e.g. one lecture and one seminar). The content, aims and the types of courses and teaching as well as the types of examination and the amount of credits for each part of a module can be found in the study and examination regulation.

A module is completed once you passed both the examinations of its individual courses (“Modulteilprüfungen”) and the module final examination (“Modulabschlussprüfung”). All examinations will be graded and only after passing the examination of the individual courses and of the entire module, the entire module counts as passed and the resulting grade will be entered into Campus Management.

One credit point stands in for a student’s workload of 30 hours and includes the time spent in class, for preparation, follow-up readings, preparation for examination and the time of the examination. Thus, credit points measure the student’s quantitative contribution only and do not make a statement about the quality of the student’s work. Credit points are only awarded once the entire module is completed.

You can combine History with both general professional training (Allgemeine Berufsvorbereitung ABV) or teacher training (Lehramtsbezogene Berufswissenschaft LBW).

You can enroll for your modules on the internet. However, please have a look at the advice regarding the campusmanagement system and, where applicable, also at the homepage of the Department of History and Cultural Studies.

For further questions please e-mail the peer advisor of the History department: studbera@zedat.fu-berlin.de.