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This website is a general translation of these Information provided for your convenience, i.e. for informational pupose only.

After completing their studies at Friedrich-Meinecke-Institut, exchange students at Freie Universität Berlin can request a transcript of records. The transcript of records certifies the number of ECTS Credits Points awarded and the grades received (according to the international grading system) during the mobility period.

The following guidelines concern the credit points that can be awarded to Erasmus students at the Department of Historical and Cultural Studies. Please strictly observe this information when filling in your Learning Agreement form.

ECTS-Points can be acquired by participation and performance in courses:

  1. It is advised to select whole “modules” (i.e. two subsequent or linked courses running one semester each) in accordance with the examination regulations. Most modules are worth 10 ECTS in courses for graduates (BA) or 15 ECTS in courses for postgraduates (MA). (Please note: Erasmus+ students who study a full academic year at the Friedrich Meinecke Institute, the selection of whole modules is mandatory. For Incomings, studying a semester only (and, therefore, not enrolling in a full module), special rules apply. As regards the allocation of ECTS, points are awarded for individual performance in their courses. For details, see 2).

  2. When enrolling in a single course that amounts to two hours per week during each semester (“2 SWS”), the following regulations apply:


Class Participation

ECTS Credits


Class participation (in VL/SE/GK/Ü/C)

2 for 2 SWS (without assessment, i.e. no grades)


It is possible to earn additional credits in the context of VL/SE/GK/Ü/C as follows

ECTS Credits


Presentation on the basis of handouts


Essay ca. 10-15 pages

4 - 6*

Essay (MA) ca. 20-25 pages

8 - 11*

Written exam

2 - 6*

Oral exam (15 minutes or more/less)

2 or 4

*The number of ECTS credit points depends on the student’s academic performance and on the level of their studies (initial phase: BA: 1st-4th semester, MA: 1st and 2nd semester, accordingly in the final phase: BA: 5th and 6th semester, MA: 3rd and 4th semester), as well as on the student’s individual language level, where applicable.

The exam format is stipulated by the study and examination regulations. However, some course teachers are willing to offer alternatives to the usual type of exam, if your university requires this. Please ask them at the beginning of the teaching period. All exceptions require the prior consent of the teacher and Erasmus+ coordinator.

Important: Please ask the respective course teachers for more information on the exact course participation requirements.

Module System Examples


Level of Study

Forms of Performance

Calculation of ECTS-Credits (examples)


participation in a seminar incl. presentation and essay (10 pages, initial phase)

2 + 2 + 4 = 8


participation in a seminar incl. presentation and essay (25 pages, final phase)

2 + 2 + 9 = 13


International Grades

German System (Freie Universität)

International Grades

< 1,5 (less)

Very Good



1,5 - 2,0



Very Good

2,0 - 2,5




2,5 - 3,5




3,5 - 4.0




4,0 < (more)