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Research/Teaching Assistants

Dr. Franziska Exeler

East European History; War and Society; History of International Law and Transitional Justice

+49 30 838 64868

Franziska Exeler

Dr. Minu Haschemi Yekani

(Post-)Colonial History, Histories of Racism and Migration, Labour History

+49 30 838 59127


Theresia Knuth, M.A.

On parental leave

Project "1914-1918-online"

+49 30 838 60599


Norma Ladewig

Editorial Office "Geschichte und Gesellschaft"

Modern / Contemporary History

+49 30 838 72786

Norma Ladewig

Dr. Dörte Lerp

(Post-)Colonial History, Tourism and Development

+49 30 838 68840


Dr. Timothy Nunan

Russian Empire/Soviet Union, Global and Transnational History, History of Development and Humanitarianism

Timothy Nunan

Dr. Joseph Ben Prestel

European History, Middle Eastern History, Urban History

+49 30 838 72190


Dr. Susanne Schmidt

History of science, esp. the social and human sciences; history of gender, feminism, and anti-feminism; modern history

+49 30 838 64868

susanne schmidt