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And What about Art? Investigating Visual Forms in the Cultural Practice of Ancient Western Asia

ARWA Programm

ARWA Programm

Please join us online via Webex for the ARWA Association's Art History & Visual Culture lecture series 2022, organized by Dominik Bonatz and Elisa Roßberger. We started in September 2022 and will proceed on a weekly/biweekly basis until December 16th, 2022 (Fridays at 4 pm CET).

News vom 20.11.2022

The Art History & Visual Studies Liaison Group of the International Association for Archaeological Research in Western & Central Asia (ARWA) organizes a lecture series on research centered around art and visual culture of ancient Western Asia. It is part of the ARWA Archaeology in Action online initiative which offers a wide range of talks and discussions about ongoing research in the fields of ancient Western and Central Asian archaeology and history. All lectures can be attended online and free of charge; they are recorded and posted a few days later on the dedicated ARWA YouTube channel.

You can find the full program at the ARWA Event Calendar. For the Art History and Visual Culture lectures see the program below. The WebEx Link will be posted here a few days in advance of every upcoming event.

Upcoming lectures:

Müge Durusu-Tanrıöver – “One King to Rule Them All: Royal Singularity and Divine Plurality in Hittite Art”

16.00 CET (Rome, Paris, Berlin / UTC+1) / 18.00 (İstanbul, Athens, Baghdad / UTC+3) / 10.00 (New York / UTC-5)

Adelheid Otto – “What Would We Know about Western Asian Imagery without Seals? On the Fundamental Role of Seals as Transmitters and Actors”

Javier Álvarez-Mon – “The Genesis of Persian Art and the New Globalization”


Previous lectures:

Marian Feldmann – “Charismatic Rulers in a Material World: The Art of the Akkadian Empire, c. 2350-2150 BCE”

Karen Sonik – “Art/ifacts, ArtWorks, and Aesthetics”

Ludovico Portuese – “The Art of Etiquette: An Anthropological and Sociological Approach to Assyrian Art”

Katharina Schmidt – “Ammonite Sculptures from Amman”

Paul Collins – “Space, Time, and Eternity through the Assyrian Palace Reliefs”

Constance von Rüden – “Painting Spaces – The Role of Wall Paintings in the Production and Consumption of Privileged Architecture in the Eastern Mediterranean”

Alessandra Gilibert – "The Social Life of Prehistoric Art. The Case of the Armenian Dragon-Stones from the Age of their Manufacture to Modern Times."

Claudia Suter – “The Samaria Ivory Carvings in Context: Examples of Very Close Parallels with Other Levantine Ivory Carvings of the Iron Age and How to Interpret Them”

CANCELLED *** 25.11.2022 Tallay Ornan – “The Apotropaic Role of Ancient Near Eastern Art” ***

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