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A conference volume for the conference in Cambridge 2008 has been published under the title "Globalization and the Making of Religious Modernity in China: Transnational Religions, Local Agents, and the Study of Religion, 1800-Present" (Boston, Leiden: Brill, 2014). (http://www.brill.com/products/book/globalization-and-making-religious-modernity-china)

The papers of our conference in Lampeter have appeared in: Special Issue: Beyond the Market: Exploring the Religious Field in Modern China, ed. by Thoralf Klein and Christian Meyer, Religion 41,4 (Dec 2011)

  • Introduction: Beyond the Market: Exploring the Religious Field in Modern China (by Thoralf Klein and Christian Meyer)
  • On the Market: Consumption and Material Culture in Modern Chinese Buddhism (by Francesca Tarocco)
  • Conversion to Protestant Christianity in China and the 'Supply-side Model': Explaining Changes in the Chinese Religious Field (by Thoralf Klein)
  • Rational Choice and the Chinese Discourse on the Unity of the Three Religions (sanjiao heyi ) (by Joachim Gentz)
  • Gift and Market in the Chinese Religious Economy (by David Palmer)
  • Modalities of Doing Religion and Ritual Polytropy. Evaluating the Religious Market Model from the Perspective of Chinese Religious History (by Adam Chau)