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Prof. Dr. Joachim Gentz


Asian Studies

The University of Edinburgh

8 Buccleuch Place
Edinburgh EH8 9LW
United Kingdom
Joachim.Gentz [at] ed.ac.uk

Short Biographical Information

Joachim Gentz is Reader in Chinese, Asian Studies, University of Edinburgh.

He studied Sinology, Religious Studies and Philosophy at the FU Berlin, and continued his studies as DAAD scholarship holder at Nanjing University from 1988-1990. After his MA thesis 1995 on "The Chunqiu exegesis of the first 17 chapters of the Chunqiu fanlu" he wrote his PhD as a member of the Graduate College "Religion and Normativity" on "The Chunqiu exegesis of the Gongyang zhuan from its beginnings to Dong Zhongshu" for which he received the "Ruprecht-Karls-Award" of Heidelberg University in 1999. During the time of dissertation writing he carried out research in Beijing (1996) and with a Monbusho scholarship at the Institute of Oriental Culture at Tokyo University (1997), and he taught as Guest Lecturer at the Institute for the History of China at the Ruhr University Bochum (1998).

1999-2002 Assistant Professor at the Institute of Chinese Studies in Heidelberg .

2002-2007 Junior Professor at the Department of Religious Studies at Goettingen University.

2006-2008 he worked as Research Fellow on the interKULTUR (Asia Link) project at the Cultural Studies Programme at the University of Edinburgh and taught as Visiting Lecturer at the Cultural Studies, Religious Studies and Chinese Studies Departments at Edinburgh University.

Since 2009 he is Reader in Chinese at the Asian Studies Department of the University of Edinburgh.

He was invited as Visiting Professor to the Universities of Tokyo (2000) and Bayreuth (2008).

His main research interests lie in the fields of Chinese religions, text and commentary, ritual and divination, theories of cultural and religious studies, conceptions of space and body, Chinese histories of thought and Chinese literary composition (artistic prose).

Pre-Qin and Han philosophy and historiography

Chinese text and commentary

Chinese religions

Chinese parallelism and literary composition

Chinese histories of thought

(Chinese) Theories of ritual and divination

Theories of cultural and religious studies

Conceptions of space and body