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2008: Chinese Religions and Globalisation, 1800-Present

Chinese Religions and Globalisation, 1800-Present    
University of Cambridge Department of East Asian Studies - St Catharine's College, 
July 3-6, 2008


Thursday, 3 July

Welcome/Introduction (Jansen)

Session 1: Globalisation and the religious field in China: Theoretical Approaches / Chair: Christian Meyer

Thoralf Klein
"Religious markets in China since 1800: Potential and limits of a concept"

Vincent Goossaert
"One empire and multiple local religious systems: the management of religious pluralism in Qing China, 1800-1898"

Conference dinner at St Catharine's (SCR; lounge suit)

Friday, 4 July

Session 2: The state's role and the religious market: Changes and/or Continuity? / Chair: Thoralf Klein

Joseph Lee
"The Christian Century of South China: The Church-State Relations in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province (1860-1980)"

Joachim Gentz
"The Communist Party on the Religious Market: Falun Gong's political performances on a global stage"

Lauren Pfister
"Globalisation, the Loss of Ruist Intellectual Hegemony, and the Experience of Cultural Angst in 19th and 20th Century China"

Lunch break

Session 3: New Encounters through Globalisation: Inter-religious exchange, dialogue, competition / Chair: Adam Chau

Stephan Feuchtwang
"'Religion' and its historical passage into contemporary China"

Thomas Jansen
"Sectarian Responses to Foreign Presence in China in the Nineteenth Century: The Wanbao baojuan (1858) and other examples"

Lai Pan-chiu
"Globalisation and Buddhist-Christian Encounter in Republican China"

Visit of the Orchard in Grantchester Pub

Saturday, 5 July

Session 4: Becoming global(ised) - and aware of it / Chair: Joachim Gentz

Michael Dillon
"Islam in China - China and the Muslim World: ethnicity, politics and global Islam"

Esther-M. Guggenmos
"Does International Buddhist Networking Influence the Biographical Self-constructions of Lay Buddhists in Contemporary Taiwan? Results of Interview based Field Research"

Robert Weller
"Globalization and the Rise of Philanthropic Religion in Taiwan"

Lunch break

Session 5: Religion(s) and academia: observers and/or participants / Chair: Lai Pan-chiu

Christian Meyer
"Was there 'religious studies' in Republican China?"

Dirk Kuhlmann
"Debates on national identity and modernization in the context of historical research on late Qing/early Republican Christian missions in 20th century China"

Break with Refreshments

Monika Gaenssbauer
"Does the study of religion (with a focus on Christianity) play a special role in the ideological crisis of the present reform era?"

Chloe Starr
"Sino-Christian theology: an outworking of the globalized academic market-place or a newly contextualized Christianity?"


Sunday, 6 July

Session 6: The changing role and use of 'media' from tradition to modern (script, book, art, ritual) / Chair: Thomas Jansen

Adam Chau
"Encounters with the Foreign and Script Fundamentalism in Early Twentieth Century China"

Hildegard Diemberger
"Tibetan Buddhists and their books in a digital age"

Xiaobing Wang-Riese
"Annual Offering Rituals to Confucius and the Revitalization of Confucianism in Quzhou, China"


Concluding discussion and perspectives for further specialized conferences

Lunch (Sandwiches)

End of conference/departure