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VW Funding: State-business relations in the Field of Artificial Intelligence and its Implications for Society

Gefördert von der Volkswagen Stiftung, 2019-2020

Genia Kostka and Sabrina Habich-Sobiegalla have been awarded a 'Planning Grant' by the VW Foundation on Artificial Intelligence and the Society of the Future. In this research project, we aim to scrutinize state-business relations in the field of AI within different regional contexts, namely in Germany/ the European Union, the US and China. Further, we analyze the impact that these different state-business relations have on the success and direction of AI development, especially with regards to its impact on society such as the loss of jobs or privacy. In detail, the project addresses the following question: how to design adequate policies for the rapidly emerging technology field of AI, which allow technology companies to thrive and innovate, but are also able to effectively limit the companies’ abilities to benefit at the expense of society? Our research consortium consists of ten technical and social scientists who are grouped into three working groups (one for each country). The project has potential to deliver new insights on regionally-specific policy responses to rapidly emerging and continuously changing technologies as well as on how to design adequate policies for such technology fields driven by a diversified private business sector.